Ben Rathi

Ben Rathi is the founder and chairman of Blueprints For Pangaea, and is passionate about entrepreneurship and social innovation. As an undergraduate student at Michigan, he studied computer science, business, and biochemistry. He is very interested in data science, and the potential applications of machine learning in a variety of industries including healthcare. Ben is currently a business analyst at McKinsey & Company, where he advises companies on issues in the technology, healthcare, and finance space. After consulting, Ben hopes to continue his involvement in the social entrepreneurship space as a product manager, data scientist, and venture capitalist.

Andy Ying
Director, Former CEO

Andy Ying is a senior at the University of Michigan pursuing a BS in the Social & Psychological Determinants of Health Behavior. His areas of interest include medicine, biomedical research, and public health. After completing his education and training, he plans to use his multidisciplinary background and skills to address inefficiencies in health-related spaces. He regards direct patient care and entrepreneurship as powerful vectors by which change can be evoked, and ultimately aspires to contribute to the betterment of society as a physician and social entrepreneur.

James Ha

James holds a degree in Biology from the University of Michigan, where he developed his passion in healthcare, finance, and entrepreneurship. He is currently a consultant at Alfa where he performs both functional consultation and technical development roles. After consulting, James hopes to positively impact the healthcare industry in the United States as an entrepreneur through his functional and technical knowledge in the field of asset management and financing.

Prasanth Kotha
Chief Executive Officer

Prasanth Kotha is a junior at the University of Michigan, where he is pursuing a BBA and a minor in Biochemistry. He plans to gain a better understanding of the intersection between business and healthcare by continuing his education and earning both a M.D. and a M.B.A. He aspires to use this knowledge to gain experience in both hospital administration and patient care. Ultimately, he hopes to leverage his experiences to shape the evolving healthcare system.

Keegan McGuire
Chief Operating Officer

Keegan McGuire is a junior at the University of Michigan pursuing a bachelors of science in economics with a focus in health policy. Keegan intends to address issues of access and efficiency within the healthcare space by further pursuing his education with a Masters in Public Health. Upon completing his formal education, Keegan seeks to make a career in hospital administration with the potential to branch into entrepreneurial solutions to healthcare shortcomings.

Narmeen Rehman
Chief Branding Officer

Narmeen Rehman is a junior at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a degree in Community and Global Health with a minor in Biology. She's interested in tackling global health inequities, particularly in the realm of women's health and reproductive justice. Passionate about the intersection of medicine and policy, she hopes to become a practicing physician and work to expand access to health care in the global arena.

Nicket Patel
Chief Financial Officer

Nicket Patel is a junior at the University of Michigan, where he is pursuing a multidisciplinary, entrepreneurial pre-med track. His areas of interest include informatics, insurance structures, financial markets, startups, and golfing. He hopes to utilize the intersection between science and the subcomponents of business and entrepreneurship to curb global inequities and create more efficiency in developing nations.

Michelle Lu
Chief of Staff

Michelle Lu is a junior at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a BA in Biopsychology, Cognition, Neuroscience, a Minor in Business Administration, and a Minor in French Studies. Her interests include global health, hospital administration, and product design. Michelle aspires to work closely with customers and patients to develop innovative programs and services in the nation’s evolving health care system.

Maliha Berner
Expansion Manager

Maliha Berner is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a BS in Neuroscience and and a minor in French. Her interests include global health, medicine, and social activism. Maliha aspires to be a physician and work abroad in underdeveloped countries affected by war, poverty, and natural disasters.

Stephen Robards
Expansion Manager

Stephen Robards is a junior at the University of Michigan, where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy. His focus area centers around international economic policy, where he is particularly interested in how these policies affect developing nations. After graduation and with his career, he hopes to help craft and implement global policies focusing on the political stabilization and economic development of developing nations.

Krishna Vemulapalli
Expansion Manager

Krishna Vemulapalli is senior at the University of Michigan, where he is double majoring in Biology and Evolutionary Anthropology with a minor in Science, Technology, and Society. Krishna’s interests lie in developing interdisciplinary treatments and initiatives to promote healthcare accessibility. He hopes to utilize future training as a physician to address systems of care at all levels. In his free time, Krishna enjoys playing tennis, practicing the piano and saxophone, and trying new things.

Tiffany Valencia
Expansion Manager

Tiffany Valencia is a junior at the University of Michigan, pursuing a BS in Biopsychology, Cognition, and Neuroscience and a minor in Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures. Tiffany is interested in dental and global health. She aspires to increase knowledge on the importance of oral care as well as pioneer new dental techniques that are effective and accessible to all.

Raghu Arghal
Expansion Manager

Raghu Arghal is a sophomore at the University of Michigan, pursuing a BSE in Electrical Engineering. His interests include Entrepreneurship, STEM education, political outreach, and creative engineering. Raghu hopes to have a technical career while also working to make systemic science policy changes to enable future innovation.

Geoff Gamm
Senior VP Operations

Geoff Gamm is a junior at the University of Michigan, where he is pursuing an interdisciplinary plan of study on the interactions between economics, medicine, and public policy. He is interested in geriatric research, the influence of politics on science, and the effectiveness of public health policy on society. Geoff hopes to utilize an interdisciplinary skill set to tackle the leading national health, wealth, and policy challenges of our time.

Neha Hafeez
Executive Board

Neha Hafeez is a junior at the University of Michigan, where she is pursuing a BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Her interests include cardiovascular biology, empowering women in science, and protecting children’s rights. Neha aspires to become a physician and aims to improve the lives of people worldwide by increasing global access to health care.